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To successfully respond to the needs of our customer giving them the seamless service that they require and deserve.

Xlnt Mission
Our mission is to become the first national recognized corporation in the window film industry with a chain of service centers to provide Xlnt service. To enable people, businesses, and organizations both public and private the endless possibilities of the products we offer. In the process of obtaining this mission, we will have created new employment opportunities and strengthen our communities that we work and live in. We will build and maintain a trusting relationship with our customers by delivering our customers desired results through honesty and integrity.

Xlnt Vision
Educating, by example of satisfied customers and referral, the potential our products have in; saving interiors from damaging elements; enhancing glass surfaces creativity; protecting surfaces from vandals; protecting people from death caused by glass in disasters; protect property by deterring unwanted entry with security products; strengthening glass because it is the weakest link; and saving money on valuable energy that escapes through unprotected glass. Our vision to make this possible includes monitoring our sales daily to ensure we meet our growth potential. Add value to the company by controlling spending and achieving the highest profit possible and taking steps everyday to ensure our employees, through positive coaching systems, are knowledgeable and share the same values we hold high.

Delivering our Mission
The key elements to accomplish our mission include:

Xlnt People
Delivering our mission requires Xlnt people who are concerned for our future, committed to Xlnt service, and independently working toward the mission we collectively desire. Our Xlnt team will possess the following values:

Integrity and Honesty
Passion for customers, co-workers, and the technological advancements of our product and those product and idea’s that enhance it.
Respectful, instilling confidence and virtue in each other and our customers
Willingness to take big challenges and see them through
Self critical, questioning and committed to personal Xlnt-ence? and self improvement
Accountable for commitments, results, and quality to customers and employees

In everything we do.

Trustworthy Service
Deepening customer trust by offering quality products that ensure the desired results of our customers. Providing unsurpassed service while continuing to plan and organize for the future as well as vowing to be cost effective while adding value to our company and share holders. Introducing People to New Possibilities
Broadening choices for customers by identifying new areas of business; work closely with manufacturers to maintain that the desired products are produced at the highest quality available, explore future possibilities with complimenting businesses, and always challenging our products to new scenarios to maintain their integrity. Establish divisions of the company that concentrate on specific areas of demand.

A Global Approach
Our approach is to be the “best” in all markets worldwide, by thinking and acting globally. Pursuing to enter as many market places as we may fit, and showing leadership in supporting the communities in which we work and live.

Types of Products:
Residential, Commercial, and Automotive applications that include solar, security, and decorative solutions.


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